Favorite purchases in 2022

Favorite Things

If you need some ideas for stocking stuffers or just some additional things to spend your christmas dollars on.. here are some ideas!


This is a wireless usb charged diffuser! Fill it with citronella oil, rosemary maybe a little lavender and put it in the middle of your picnic and enjoy a bug free meal! Doesn’t hurt the bees and keeps you happy! I even bought one for my sister!
Save those floors! We have a tall counter that serves all the household needs of a table. I tried felt, foam, other felt and still i have little divots in my floor… I found these and I don’t have to cringe when someone pushes the chair under the counter, or slides it back to get up. They hold onto the bottoms, wrap up a little and I will never go back!


Japanese Rice Cracker Snacks. We found this of all places at a grocery story in amsterdam… The flavor and crunch, just makes me do a happy food dance. You can get a whole box of these snack to your door. Mmmm

I love this tea! Doesn’t have to be when you have a sore throat or it is cold out. The flavor just warms the tummy! I order it by the case and enjoy generally 1 cup at least a day!


This amazing 7 inch nylon spreader is your answer! I used to buy the tupper ware plastic know and used them for everything. They stopped making them and then the plastic started to go at the connection point and when my last one broke i was devastated. One of my amazing blog/recipe posters I follower suggested this and my life has been saved! Try it, you will love it!
I know a pill cutter seems sill, but this thing is amazing! We have to cut zyrtecs in half for the pup. He gets half each morning and night. This was a life change. It cuts well and is easy to fill and do a bunch at a time. Assuming we’ll also use this for people pills too!
These are technically for wine bottle drips, and they do a bang up job there, but I also put them on all my vinegar and olive oil bottles! Magic! Try it, you will thank me!