Granite Sink Cleaner

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When we redid the kitchen a few years ago, i knew i didn’t want a double sink, nor a stainless steel one that would scratch, and definitely not a an overlap that gets gunk caught under the lip. I wanted something big enough to be able to put the griddle or half sheet pans in to clean them without (in theory) getting water all over the floor!

Flower topped mason jar (pro tip, it fits other jars as well)

We chose a bottom mount, black granite sink and I am still giddy with our purchase!

The trick it how to clean it. I did some research and found that about once a month it needed to cleaned with the following easy process!

Favorite buy – i bought this set of “sprinkle” covers for mason jars and keep a bottle under the sink with my baking soda in it!

Original recipe is here and I’m pretty thrilled with it!

With holidays coming, why not start with a sparkly clean sink!


This is perfect, not too much elbow grease and seeing a clean shiny sink at the end always brings a smile to my face!

If you try this or have other tricks, let me know!