Floor Cleaner

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I love my microfiber mops and this easy mixture to clean wood and bamboo floors.

As the holiday season is wrapping up, guest are done leaving tracks on your floor and you can get back to normal, let’s start the year off with a DIY floor cleaner!

I keep 1 mop upstairs and one downstairs. I also keep a bottle of floor cleaner and the ingredients to make it on each floor as well!

Verdict: This is my weekly mopping mixture. I love the essential oil smell and how easy it is to do! When i’m done, i just toss the microfiber mop into the wash!

Once a month-ish or so, I fill the big bucket with hot hot water and a capful of murphy’s oil soap and so a deep clear.

I love both, and I love knowing exactly what is in what i am using on the floor that I and my pets walk on!

Let me know what you use on your floors and if you try this version what you think!