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We love some excellent gyro meat in the household. There were some amazing places we have found that are not close but on occasion worth the drive. Recently i was in costco and they had a gyro kit by the pound. For about $20 bucks, we got enough meat for 2 for 2 meals, some cute pitas, veggies and tzitiki.

We air fried the meat, and it came out fabulous! That whole process made me think, i like to make a gyro salad, hubby doesn’t like the veggies, so it was a waste to get that whole package when i generally have salad fixings at home. Down the rabbit hole I went to find out if we could make this at home!

A lot of the recipes called for thyme (this one, this spice mixture) and as some of you may recall i really hate thyme… so i found some that skipped it and found a great spice option!


OMG! Do it! The flavor pattern is amazing! Who knew cooking in a block, slicing and air frying and you get almost the same most amazing thing as you do in the gyro store!

So easy to make, but i would suggest onion goggles when you do the onion! I made half recipe and it was perfect for the 2 of us!

There is a suggestion you can make the full recipe and freeze the meat you wont get to for a future quick midweek meal!

Look for my tziziki and pita bread recipes next! You can do it all yourself! you got this!

If you try this let me know what spices you like!