Apple Pie Filling (canning)

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I may have mentioned that i have multiple neighbors and friends with apple trees. Along the path of. waste not want not I just can’t them them all drop to the ground, so I do what I can to use them as best as I can! For example apple cake – but that only uses 2 apples at a time and I can’t afford that many new jeans if I make this recipe too much!

I found this recipe a while back, and thought that could be cool. 1 reason is that it shows you how to can it, as well as being able to save “fresh” apple pie filling for use in a apple caramel dump cake recipe that I love, and not having to use a can of pie filling is just so appealing!

Syrup for the apple pie mixture

The apple peeler and spiralizer definitely made this so much easier!

Below is a half recipe just to make sure I would like it before I committed to so many apple pie jars! So feel free to scale to what works for your bag of apples!


This was super fun to do and to see the outcome! Original recipe called for using quart jars, but i didn’t want that many apples per jar. So make this your own!

If you try this let me know what you think!