Copy Cat Egg Bites

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I am a big fan of the egg bites at starbucks. I was even excited when they brought the take home version into starbucks. I looked into recipes to see if i could make my own… there were options but most requires a sous vie machine. At the time i didn’t have one, but as luck would have it, i went to a posole festival a couple months ago and the vip ticket came with one! Woot!

I finally found the time to try this bad boy out!

I used a recipe from the Anovo site to base my egg bites on! I cooked up the bacon in the oven.

egg bites


Wow, these were great! They were not exactly like starbucks but i really like how they came out.

I liked how finishing them in the air fryer made them so yummy!

The color is definitely off, compared to a starbucks, but it’s ok!

Give it a try, you’ll like it, and it’s fun!

Pro Tip:

Use tongs/canning grippers to put the bottles in and out.