Jicama Fries

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Currently i’m into wheat free. And by wheat free – i mean, i’m trying to cut out wheat and the other things that mess with your glycemic index. By no means is this plight easy, and there are just some food that are so gluteny and wheaty and yummy that you just can’t say no. But, check on me later when i’m all bloated and saying, well that was a bad idea…

Jicama Fries

Anyway – i digress. Over the years we have removed most “white” food from our meals. No rice, no potatoes, no bread…  As i was cruising a Paleo Crockpot cook book to help with the “wheat free” options, i came across jicama fries. I had never had a jicama – ok, maybe that little shredded stuff that comes on fancy salads, but that was it. I didn’t know what one looked like. How to peel it. How to cut it.  But I decided this was a must do and a must try – i mean if we could return hashbrowns and french fries to our lives, why not. Here is the best info on dealing with Jicama

Jicama in the rount

The recipe i found on Well Fed was amazing. At first i thought – 12-24 hours in the crock pot, for real? For real folks! Helps make the actually cooking time in recipes less than 2 hours! I combined the well fed pre-cook portion with another recipe for cooking in the oven for oven home fries.

Just add it, to your prep day, let is simmer away for 24 or so hours and then drain and store till you are ready for some “french fries”

The jicama fries do turn color as they simmer in the crockpot! White to yellow/redish

IMG_1419   IMG_1450

For oven roastin – just toss in some oil (coconut or evoo), add some spices. Mix it up! Go spicy or just normal!

IMG_1451  Jicama Fries

The result is interesting and yummy. Definitely not a french fry, but the feel in your hand is almost perfect!