Leftover chip “bread crumbs”

Don’t you hate when you get to the bottom of the chip bag? All those little annoying pieces that can’t be dipped unless you use your fingers too!

IMG_1292 IMG_1293

I save these crumb for use as “bread crumbs”. Bonus for me is that gluten free crackers etc make an easy gluten free bread crumb option!

I use my Ninja smoothie cup, but you can use a blender, a bag with a rolling pin… whatever works for you!

IMG_1932 IMG_1933 Baked Fried Chicken

It just took a couple pulses to get the chips to a bread crumb consistency.

I used it as one would normally use bread crumbs and  it works out great.

Also like bread crumbs, you can freeze them for up to 6 months for use when you need them.

I’ll share the Baked Fried Chicken soon!


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