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Leftover chip “bread crumbs”

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Don’t you hate when you get to the bottom of the chip bag? All those little annoying pieces that can’t be dipped unless you use your fingers too!

IMG_1292 IMG_1293

I save these crumb for use as “bread crumbs”. Bonus for me is that gluten free crackers etc make an easy gluten free bread crumb option!

I use my Ninja smoothie cup, but you can use a blender, a bag with a rolling pin… whatever works for you!

IMG_1932 IMG_1933 Baked Fried Chicken

It just took a couple pulses to get the chips to a bread crumb consistency.

I used it as one would normally use bread crumbs and  it works out great.

Also like bread crumbs, you can freeze them for up to 6 months for use when you need them.

I’ll share the Baked Fried Chicken soon!



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