The Best Frittata


I have had this recipe from CL for eons. I’ve used it for parties (use your pizza cutter to make 16 mini slices for a great appetizer) and cut into 4 for that many days of breakfasts!

I love this at room temp, better than hot or cold, but choose your meal as you see fit!

Most recently i decided to get a little giggy and update the recipe with spinach and garlic. Garlic was indeed the missing item all these year! Kicks it up a notch and just adds a little umph! Squee!

Also i tried some halved cherry tomatoes at the last minute under the broiler and omg…  best decision!


[buymeapie-recipe id=’38’]Pre-prep – as a true pre-prep meal this isn’t that, but since i like it at room temp, making the whole thing during a prep day means i have 2-4 meals on the ready for the week.

I love how versatile this recipe it! I ran out of parmesan and threw in some feta, and wowza! Still yummy!

So branch out, see what you have in your fridge, try it out!

My most recent one, i didn’t have any mushroom – fresh or canned, so i just did more spinach and additional tomatoes on the top. Slurp! I had 2 pieces for breakfast – but honestly that is still on 240 calories and lots of protein for a meal – not bad!

Pro tip – spend an inordinate amount of time whipping those eggs. I like how it comes out better when you work on them a bit first!  

The timing is up to you – i find that the time to cook the mushrooms just seems to be forever, but the garlic and spinach is moments! Always add the garlic with the spinach or even a smidge before to get it to open up in the pan! 

I also tend to let my frittata sit longer on the stove top, till i can see the sides are mostly set, and then  i add the tomatoes and toss it in the oven! 

If you don’t have a frying pan you can use in the oven (i only recently got a full steel pan), you can double wrap your handle in foil – and then to be green, use that same foil to wrap up your pieces after they cool! (Obviously read your manufacturer’s instructions before putting your pan under the broiler!)

I definitely like this recipe at room temp. I tend to take it out of the fridge prior to my shower to let it warm up before i eat it!

If you give this a try, let me know what you thought, and if you tried other ingredients, let me know! Always looking for something new to try!