Campfire – Mac N Cheese

I’ve been on the hunt for yummy but easy meals at camp!

Last year i found a recipe for mac n cheese in mini tins that you toss in the fire at camp! 

I love that they are single serving and kind of customizeable! I found the mini tins on amazon and am tickled pink! I also make them for the hubby to eat at home! In honor of waste not want no i do put them in the dishwasher at home, so we can use them more than once!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’44’]Verdict:

Fabulously easy to make at home and then “cook” at camp!


Make the recipe and freeze until needed. The ultimate pre-prep!

  1. […] rest of the crew arrived between 6 and dark. We enjoyed the fire and some mac n cheese on the […]

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