Apple Butter Pie

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After i experimented with my neighbors apples and created apple butter and realized I had a whole bunch of something that was not exciting to me, it was time to research some other options of what to do with it! Got the recipe from Lizzy T, so glad for all her research and experimentation!

The tag line was, this is the new pumpkin pie, and I need to agree, it’s a definitely great option for me who doesn’t like pumpkin pie!

Give it a try, it’s really enjoyable!

Hubby decided he wanted graham cracker crust, and the keebler one is just a bit too small to hold all this yummy goodness, so some of yummie middle had to go down the drain, such a bummer! So next time, frozen pie crust! 


Next round of apple butter i’ll make it chunky for a more agreeable pie!