Pink Starburst Cocktail

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A little back story – my favorite flavor is “pink”. That’s not a flavor you say, but really , better living through chemistry – it is.. Pink jelly beans, pink starbursts, pink frosting, pink anything and i’m your girl!

Since starbursts usually come in that sleeve, with those other annoying flavors like yellow, and green and ugh – orange… when i saw a bag of hello kitty jelly belly’s at an airport gift story, i knew that other brands and types and etc must come in just the “good” flavors… Around the time of that hunt I was also preparting to climb mount killimanjero and one of the people we talked to about it said bring your most favorite, all time would never turn it down treat, snack.. As luck would have it, startbursts can be bought in red and pink 5 pound bags – yes!

So long story longer… i have bought this 5 pound bag, multiple times. I must keep it down stairs to keep the temptation down. I also put it in a jar that is hard to get a fist full of candy out of… Did I mention my favorite flavor was pink??

I saw this recipe and knew i had to try it, i mean, what better way to get pink/red startbursts into your belly than mixed with an adult beverage! Let’s try it!


This was definitely a fun experiment, but now i have a ton of strawberry kiwi snapple and oj in my fridge and i’m out of vodka.

Perfect for a summer party with umbrellas to make it fancy!