Simple Lemon Dill Quinoa Chickpea Salad

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I realized i have putting up quite a bit of the dessert recipes lately! We do eat things besides sweets, promise!

Last night as we were determining what to do for dinner I decided to try this for lunches during the week.

I put the quinoa on to cook – my found secret is a tiny bit of coconut oil with the water. I read somewhere that if it sits overnight, this helps the starches move through you rather than stay in you. So why not!

I rinsed the chickpeas and go ready to go!

I never have lemons in the house, so i substitute with pepporincini juice. My fun ingredient swap! I also didn’t have any fresh dill – it’s not picking time – so i used 2 tsp of dry! I lowered the oil content and used garlic infused.


Not bad, not terrible, but i have other quinoa, chickpea salad i like better! Don’t think i didn’t lick the bowl tho…