Ma Po Tofu

Ma Po Tofu
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This wonderful meal has been in the rotation for greater than 10 years! It’s definitely a keeper and has been only slightly enhanced, and updated with the new tools around my kitchen.

The original recipe is perfect as is, but i’ve moved around to a spicy italian ground pork as the base meat. If you are not into spice, ground pork, ground chicken or even turkey will work.

For my meal, i usually “fry” up an eggplant to make mine a bit more veggie friendly.

Recently i found you can air fry tofu. This was a life changer! After squishing the tofu, i toss it with chinese 5 spice seasoning. Then i air fry for about 20-30 minutes, tossing every 5 min or so. This is fantastic! And saves time on the stove top.

While your tofu is squishing or air frying, cook up your meat and when done, drain on paper towels!

Verdict: always a winner!

As mentioned in the recipe – mix it up, change the meat, spice level, veggies – and definitely let me know what you liked or didn’t!

Ma Po with Eggplant version!

Note: Picture from the featured area is from the original time we made it and didn’t expand to frying the tofu or adding other spices! Also the original post i did for it!