Easy Zucchini, Tomato, and Cheese Tart

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And so the cooking battle of time vs the zucchini has begun.

I had a tube of smoked gouda that needed to be used up

Throw down!

Found this recipe and i had a box of pastry crust – the planets were in alignment to make the recipe!

I had never done anything with a crust that didn’t come in it’s own pie shell, so this was fun and interesting for me!

Make sure to let the dough defrost slowly.

If using fresh tomatoes might need a bit more time time in the oven, or try to get some of the liquid out.

I enjoyed it best at room temperature. I ate it after it cooled from the oven, while hiking the next day and for breakfast the day after!


  • Tasty, not amazing, might be interesting with a different kind of cheese.
  • People at work really enjoyed it and asked for another one if i was in the mood!