Fruit Dip

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For those times when you need to fancy up your bowl of fruit. I decided i needed a fruit bowl, so of course i get the party size from the cooler section at Costco but then needed a bit more umph as i sat down to consume all the fruit. It was a bit early in the season so most of the fruit wasn’t super sweet yet.

Fruit Dip – momentarily…

I found this recipe from Yummly and decided to try it. I think the best fruit – and they also say so in the notes – is strawberries and prob a banana or apple would be great (i didn’t have any of those)


This was something fun to enjoy and have with fruit, prob healthier than the version with powdered sugar and whipped cream cheese… It wasn’t bad and when you just can’t eat another piece of fruit this helps!

Would be mostly for bringing to a party or if i had someone over, would not make just for me!