Creamy Chipotle Chicken Pasta – Instant Pot

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As i have mentioned before, somehow i ended up on the Betty Crocker email list. Every time i think i should unsubscribe, something yummy comes across and i’m hooked all over again!

Prepping for the cooking part

There are usually alot of pasta dishes and we generally don’t do carb heavy meals in general. When we do i go for non pasta pastas. Garbanzo flour, lentil, veggie etc.

The recipe was indicated to use a 6 quart instant pot. We have a bitty one. Just 3 quart. So i have updated, and changed and rearranged this recipe for us! I prepped the full recipe and then froze half for a future dump and go!


Fantastic. Delicious, fun to find a new instant pot recipe, not terrible on the calorie front! With the higher protein pasta and less and lite cream cheese, and chicken breasts, it was about 400 calories for the meal.