Mudslide Cookies

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When i saw this link in a blog I follow I knew i had to give it a try. I mean it advertises kahlua and baileys. I check the liquor “cabinet” and i had kahlua and rumchata… same thing, right? Let’s give it a try.


If you have read any of my other posts. I’m not a fan of my own cookies, i get joy out of making them and sharing with others! This recipe… I ate most every cookie in 2 days… I did walk to the cookie jar for every one, so i burned some calories, right?

Hubby decided he’s not a fan of the glazed but loved the ones without glaze very much! So to keep my waistline in check, if I make them, i will glaze if they will immediately leave, and unglazed if they will be staying!

So – final verdict – MAKE THESE! Seriously! If you do, let me know what you think!