Boozy Pudding

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When you sister visits and buys 2 cans of spray whipped cream and then leaves town… what is a person to do… Find things to put it on besides your tongue or make pup-a-chinos for your furry friends.

Small cups filled with whipped cream

I happened to have a box of chocolate pudding in the pantry and took to the interwebs to find the best way to do it. There was definitely alot of chatter about needing too add whipped cream to the concoction besides just on top, so i needed to spray some and de-air it to find the right amount. I think i was still light on it, but really, putting boozy pudding in your mouth it really doesn’t matter the consistency that much… does it?

ingredients lined up for making boozy pudding
Boozie pudding


Why not? It was a fun dessert and if i had topping could have been a hoot!

Definitely add the whipped topping and extra just to get it to have a true pudding texture, but if not, slurp it up with pride!

We went with some kahlua and peppermint rumchata and chocolate pudding, but go crazy with whatever combo you feel like!

The original recipe did call for making these into shots, but since we were only hanging out watching tv, we didn’t go that route!

If you try this let me know what flavor pudding and what alcohol you choose!

Pro-tip – you have to use cow milk or the pudding will never set.