S’more cake

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I saw this recipe on Snappy Gourmet and knew it was a must do. The annual camping trip was comming up and i figured why not make this and bring it. What i didn’t think about was in my brilliance i now had a 9X13 pyrex to transport and store for the weekend… ooof. Luckily in the group there was someone with a big cooler that fit the cake and kept is the temp! It is a lovely dessert, very stable and cuts well!

I am generally not a fan of smores. I am VERY particular on the toastyness of my marshmallows, and getting the chocolate gooie.. and all in all the mouth texture just is not as amazing as i always want it to be.

I hoped this combo would make it better and easier to eat and enjoy.


The folks around the campfire loved this. It’s definitely a ton of sugar and no redeeming value except for pure joy!

Personally, for me, a non s’more gal – it was just ok, and i have been enjoying the left overs this week…

smore cake – fresh from the oven

If you try this recipe let me know. If you find real fluff to make it with, let me know what you think!