Pickle Bread

Pickle Bread
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What do you do when you still have pickles in your fridge from your bounty this summer and you are just done eating them?

You search the internet and find some weird stuff…

Like roast beef cream cheese wraps…

thanks to this site.

Hubby wasn’t a super fan of the results as “he doesn’t like roast beef” – sigh. so i ate alot… alot… like most…

But besides that i found a pickle bread recipe. Decided why not. And I got to try making it in my dutch oven! Woot!

I received some cool dill salt from a friend for christmas and used that for the salt in this recipe!

Verdict: A LOT of work for what you get. It’s weird. Weird flavor, but could be fun for a specific purpose or party.

I came up with one magnificent option – this would make an amazing bread bowl for a reuben dip. But who knows when we will have an opportunity to gather and with people that like reubens… so keep it in your pocket for the future state.