Beef Rousselle

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My friend allan first made this for myself and the hubby nearly… well lets just say it was a while ago!

I’ve been tweeking it for our tastes every since and finally figured out how to make it just enough for 2 with just a little left over!

Obviously make it to your specifications!

History: Allan re-created this recipe off of a dish he had enjoyed in his neighborhood! He served it with a salad and grapes. We skip all those niceties!


Definitely a winner, pretty easy if you forgot to defrost, and complete in under 20 min cook time!

You can serve it fancy like over lettuce and with grapes or cook up a knorr packet of rice or pasta and call it good! I am awful with side dishes and making them all complete at the same time!

I cut a normal flank in half for us to enjoy this, but feel free to use the whole thing for left overs or a bigger family!