Spicy Flank

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This piece of love have been around the household since just about our wedding year… It’s a wonderful set of flavors and grilling takes the heat outside! But the spice is in your belly!

Recently we have been attempting to get our cooking down to just 2-3 servings so leftovers are under control. I used to food saver a whole flank steak when i brought the 3 pack home from costco. Lately i cut each big old piece in 2 so we have 2 “fresh” meals! The smaller of 3 (isn’t there always one that isn’t as amazing as the rest in a package?) I cut into slices to be ready for other recipes .

The most recent update to our cooking style is to have home made bottles of salad dressings or in this case keep a large batch of the spicy sauce so we can just marinate at will and dip whenever we want! Honestly the marinade, dipping sauce is not hard to make, but hey, if it’s already to go and i just need a little shake… well, let’s do that!

Have I mentioned how much we LOVE the flat iron pepper flakes! Depending on my mood I’ll mix out the pepper flakes in this recipe either the smoky or the hot!

Pro tip: Use a marinator container! I have used the tupperware version, but after some number of years that we wont mention and the fact that it takes up a TON of room in fridge, we moved onto a food saver version (i was unable to find my version on line, but get something that makes you happy)I have 2 sizes, one is a square with a hand held air sucker vs the one tied to your food saver, and a second oval size with nubs on the bottom same wand to let the sauce get all around – love both, I’ve also tried a knock off version – can’t recommend that one. But anyway – use it! So great to suck all the air out and have the good flavors go into the meat!

Verdict: Always a 5 star meal!

If you want to pre-prep or see how to score the meat, check out the original post.

Also if you want to feed a crowd, use the whole piece of meat! (i know, stating the obvious) Also tacos with the left over meat pan fried are always a great option for the meat!

This is also a great option for camping – bring it in a ziplock in the cooler, marinating as you drive along, get the fire going and mmmmm!