Toilet Clog Clearer – DIY

So, not really many pictures for this one… cause…  well, just cause…

But, we were at the in-laws in May and the guest bath has a slow toilet anyway, and then this trip…  it stopped working… Yikes!

It was early on a sunday and there weren’t alot of options so i challenged the men to try the DIY way. They had nothing to lose, so we did. And it worked! It’s not a super fast solution, but it works!

[buymeapie-recipe id=’11’] I have seen other different “order of operation” for when to add the ingredients.

Options 2:

  • 1:1 baking soda/vinegar
  • then hot water

Option 3:

  • Dawn (the wonder cleaner)
  • Hot water

Final verdict, it worked, and there was no toxic fumes, from the cleaning products anyway…

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