Asian Slaw

Asian Slaw - end product
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We found this recipe ages ago and it fell out of rotation. Not sure why.. Decided to bring it back as a side dish for ribs in the crockpot!

I found my original post on my old blog, and it was 2011, from an article in Parade magazine. You know those days when one got a paper delivered on sunday and you sat on the couch and read it top to bottom. Ok, funnies and ads first.

We used to make with fat free/lite mayonnaise. Now a days we have moved to avocado oil mayo in the house, so there was definitely a more decadent feel to it!

Asian Slaw ingredients


Still tasty, would leave the sauce on the side for people to select their level of coverage.

I put half the recipe here as I am trying to keep leftovers to a minimum, but double if you are feeling more or want leftovers for another day.

If you try this let me know what you think!