Buenos Dias Breakfast

Bueno Dias Breakfast
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I found this recipe a while ago as a way to use up some salsa i had on hand. I didn’t make it then, but I was looking for something interesting to try for Christmas Breakfast so I tried this recipe.

I found some of the amounts of ingredients to be not enough, so i changed up some of directions.

I didn’t do multiple layers as there was not really enough beans to do more than 1. I also added green chiles to add some interest!


This was just ok. I used flour tortillas and almond milk which might have made it a bit more gooiey and harder to set. All it all it was ok, but i think it needed more beans and more salsa. I would probably skip the tortillas and sprinkle some tortilla chips on top or on the side when served.

If you try this, let me know what you think!