40 minute hamburger buns

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I had made a recipe similar to this but ended up making slider buns. This time around I wanted to enjoy one of the last warm days of the summer, i have impossible burgers in the freezer but didn’t have any buns. The recipe originally made 8-10 buns, as we are only 2 people, so I decided to halve it – we don’t need that amount of bread in our lives, but oh is it yummy!

It definitely was an easy recipe and it came together nicely! Since I halved it, but still used a full egg, it needed more flour to come together, but i left it pretty mushy and it still worked out great!


These made great buns for our burgers. cut nicely in half and held together while eating.

How cool to eat something you made and you know had no preservatives or other junk in it!

If you decide to make this recipe let me know what you think. If you double the recipe you only need the 1 egg.