Easy Sandwich Bread

Home made bread cooling
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Wow, reminded me of my childhood when my mom made bread and sold it at the school craft fairs! It was very easy to make, made 2 loafs and lasts a long time!

Saw this recipe on one of my favorite sites and knew i had to just try it.

I didn’t think i needed 2 loafs, but decided to freeze one for “that time” when you just need bread, but don’t have time to make it or go out and get it!


My loafs did not rise or look like the wonderful work done on An Oregon Cottage, but the result was fantastic. I made it before a stay away vacation, and we made the most amazing grilled cheese! Matched with Tomato Tortellini Soup (which can be made on the stovetop if you end up somewhere without a crockpot)!

grilled cheese on a plate with bowl of tomato soup next to it

I also white flour vs whole wheat, but anticipate some experimentation with wet spent grain in the dough, or possibly using a set of mini loaf pans… i’ll keep you posted

If you try this let me know what you think!