Tofurkey in the AirFryer

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A few years ago we decided to try Tofurkey for Thanksgiving, and we did it in the crockpot!

I went to find a new option for this year and low and behold… nothing existed any more for crock pot, only air fryer… hmmmm… we decided to give it a try.

I found the perfect marinade here, but didn’t want to roast it in the oven, so i used the marinade from that one, with the air fryer instructions from here.

I let it defrost in the fridge for a couple days, but when I finished it based on the instructions it was still cold in the middle. ugh.

I would suggest more time at 300, or let it come to room temp before starting the process.


This was great! The baste was fantastic, the syrup adds a nice cling.

Would definitely do this again! It is only a little tricky to get the “pan” our and into the fryer basket.