Cheeseburger night

I realized I can make all the pieces of a cheese burger on the grill night except the cheese! Yeah me!

We have people over on memorial day, so i made the burgers by hand instead of from the freezer section. I have

  • about 4 pounds of hamburger (i usually don’t buy beef, that much beef, but costco…)
  • to which i added:

Mix it all with clean hands. Seriously, so it, it makes it so much more worth it!

I weighed out 1/4 pound balls of meat. Hubby made me a hamburger press, on a makerbot ages ago, so i pressed out about 18 burgers. I placed them on wax paper put them in the fridge. The ones that didn’t get used for the gathering, i froze the rest for future days! (reminder, you can freeze them individually and then food saver them into batches that work for your family) I take them out of the freezer a couple hours before time for dinner and allow them to defrost on the counter/fridge should be earlier in the day.

When cooking the burger, i like to sprinkle Pike’s Peak Butcher’s Blend onto the burgers before grilling them! (ok, to be honest, my grill master does this part – i just put all the things on the tray for him to take to the grill)

40 min hamburger buns

To not have to go to the store for buns, make your own! Being only 2 of us, it’s hard to get just 2 buns at an affordable cost. And the hubby has a thing about defrosted bread… :(. So i found the 40 minute burger bun recipe and love it! (pro tip, cut the bun in half higher up do your bread to meat ratio is more even!) The recipe is great to make 4 or 5 buns, i flatten them a bit before letting them rise, and i like more salt than the recipe calls for!

Once you have your cheese burger/hamburger ready – you to top it right? Last (or some other summer I found out how to make green tomato ketchup (and realized I never put that recipe here… not to self) and I always make (and sometimes can pickles) I’ve also started canned larger pickles so 1 think one fits perfectly! (I also have never posted my recipe for that… probably cause i wasn’t sure I was done tweeking…)

home made hamburger bun, home made green tomato ketchup, home made pickes, home made burgers

We also like to add some avocado mayo and some yellow mustard for the hubby.

So you can be sure what is in your dinner to the best of you ability! And that makes me so happy!

home made hamburger bun, home made green tomato ketchup, home made pickes, home made burgers

Verdict: Home made can just taste so good sometimes! Knowing most of what is going into you can make it taste even better!

Let me know if you make your own burgers what you put in them! Also how do you like to top your burger?

Pro tip: the the extra 2-3 buns if you are cooking for 2, make fantastic paninis the next day!