Brownie mini muffins

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I found these beauties on one of my favorite blogs – Oregon Cottage. She made then as Quick & Rich Mini Chocolate Truffle Cakes. Her original recipe has much darker chocolate. 10 semi sweet and 4 bitter. We don’t keep that kind of chocolate in the house, nor do we like it… So i found some hershey bars, got to about 13 ounces, and sprinkled in enough chocoalte chips to make the 14 ounces described as chocolate in the original recipe.

I live at altitude, and I think with the milk chocolate the consistency was not as described. There was a note about tamping down the tops as they don’t spread. There was no need, as they were prety gooie still. There is also a note about sprinkling baking cocoa in the mini tins before adding the batter. For us, i don’t really think that was necessary.

They were delicious! Easy to make, and made 36-40 little cakes of joy!


These were fun and pretty easy.

They did not look like the recipe photos, but I changed a number of things

If you try these out, which ever way – let me know what you think!

Definitely let them sit and set up longer in the mini muffin pans