Chai Baked Donuts

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Another adventure into the – i now own a donut pan so i should make donuts!

I had found this recipe on the live in kitchen and it looked interesting and tasty! We were having a gals craft day to complete some blankets to give to charity (long story long – i had purchased some kits from joannes way back in december for a work volunteer day… it’s was one of the most dangerous and cold days in denver on MLK day… so the event was cancelled and i had 3 boxes full of these blankets sitting in my already too small office since then… I made one during all that time and gave it to the local dog shelter.. i convinced these gals to join me in completing some so we could share with those in need!)

It is truly a wonderful event and generally getting together on zoom or not with coworkers can be fun and you are doing good… It was an even more wonderful event as we all worked on a single blanket to cut the sides, tie the knots and complete it together. I would highly suggest this as a great volunteer option if you all are ever looking for one..

Any way – so food is always important when gals craft… so i knew i wanted to try a donut recipe!

If you have chai tea bags in the house, this is a great option… i had to dig deep in my tea box to find some, but i had just enough it it worked great!


These were wonderful little gems! Simmering the milk is fun and adds such great flavor!

I used coconut almond milk as there was some in the fridge.