Garlic-Butter Orzo Chicken Casserole

Garlic-Butter Orzo Chicken Casserole
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Adapted from Betty Crocker recipe. I’m still surprised how good some of their recipes are! I changed this to be just for 2 and used a single thing chicken breast. Was a little tricky as the original timing was for mulitple regular chicken breasts.

As you might know, the hubby doesn’t enjoy chicken breasts with their uneven sizes. This leads to prep-prepping after I return home from costco. I take all the chicken breasts out of their packages, wash off the goop, and then dry them. Depending what is missing from the freezer I will pounds breasts into even sizes or cut each breast into chunks or strips. Then i food saver them in single breast packets.

So i digress, this recipe was delicious and i could put tomatoes on my half! It’s quick and easy, no leftovers if made with a single breast!


This is a fantastic recipe! Great for 2 – obviously double etc for more people! Flavors were wonderful, easy to put into a single dish. Includes side and main!