Sweet and Spicy Nuts

I had a bag of mixed nuts from costco, that were just… enh. The flavors together were just weird.


I was trying to eat healthier but this was just a no go for me. So i looked up this recipe, but had been doing some other recipes that use Brown Rice Syrup to help keep one’s glycemic index from spiking. So i decided to do some experimentation. And definitely a win and a great way to use up nuts that might taste a little weird, be a little old, or just plain old nuts! 

Pro tip – don’t use the bad that has dried cranberries and cherries – ick… I spent nearly 30 minutes after it was done, removing these little bad taste bombs!

Equipment Needed:

  • Bowl to mix
  • Jelly roll pan 10X15 
  • Silpat or sheet of foil to cover the jelly roll pan

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