Zucchini Coconut Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Our inaugural garden in our “suburban” house. We planted A LOT. like A LOT. Usually most of the time when hubby planted our container gardens on the roof of the old place, not a good percentage would make it…  This time, none of them or not nearly enough of them didn’t make it, so we have a lot of zucchini, pickle cucumbers, kale, garlic, and green tomatoes (if only they would turn red!).

Since the zucchini is producing nearly 3 a day i needed to find something besides my favorite Mediterranean dish to use them up. Thanks to 2 peas and their pod – I had some options!

I started with these cookies cause they sounded yummy and used a good bunch of shredded zucchini. Beware – a big zucchini can yield cups and cups of shreds!




Great use of extra zucchini and wonderful cookies!

Hubby really likes them and he doesn’t like veggies!