Creamy Tomato and Tortellini Soup (crock pot)

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First, this was amazing and made basically 5 servings – 2 for hubby and 1 for me the first night, and then i had 2 let over lunches! I am love.

Next up – funny story. So i had this recipe on deck, ordered my “fresh” tortellini and heavy cream from the grocery story and got what i thought was a new box of dices tomatoes from costco. Alas, what i got was tomato sauce, which is actually fine, since i have to immersion blend all the cans of dices tomatoes as it’s a texture thing with the hubby, he can’t do chunks, I don’t get it, but i’ll do it cause I love him!

After dinner I shared the picture with a vegitarian friend as we were talking about it during the day. She asked for the recipe, i went to go send it to her and realized. I got it all wrong! Crack my self up!

So i’ll put the link for the normal version – obviously – but will put mine here as i thought it was fantastic and i’m honestly ready to make a new batch!

Vedict: Amazing! thank you betty crocker! You guys are delivering some amazing stuff these days!

Toppings were not needed.

If you don’t have diced tomatoes with garlic and spices, i would suggest adding the garlic and spices from the original recipe.

I used flatiron pepper flakes and they have a nice bang for your puck!

If you try this, let me know what you think!