Crockpot – Chicken Pot Pie

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Chicken pot pie, sounds hard, pastry shells seems complicated, gooie indies sounds difficult… This, this recipe… simple, mostly dump, stir, chop stick vent and go!

I have cut the recipe to serve just the 2 of us, but expand for bigger families!

Way back, I posted on my original blog, so figured I needed to update it here! I use my 4 quart crockpot. I took some inspiration from others and have expanded to what works for me!


This is a fun recipe, but I need to either remember to buy a tiny can of biscuits or remember I have the small can in the fridge. Pro tip – they do explode if they go past their best use by date by a long time…

I like how the soup makes it cream, and the easy veggie mix makes it seem healthy!

Using the chop stick is fun to let out the extra moisture.

I like also have the option to give the hubby more biscuits and less veggies and me the opposite.

Originally I created this recipe because our oven had died and there was no replacement for about 3-5 months… so creativity was the name of the game! It is also an option to keep your kitchen cool in the summer and if you already have cooked chicken makes it even easier to make!

Final verdict once every month or so!

If you are serving a crowd, double or triple and use your bigger crockpot!