Kale and Corn Pakoras

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The garden is going gangbusters – ok, well, just the kale and bok choi! But since there was so much and I had seen this recipe on Misfits Market and knew it was something I had to make!

I am definitely not a fan of frying. I figure if i want something fried, i can order it out… Generally We are like the air frier – but this recipe – nope, don’t do it! Fry it up! This was so delicious.

Pro tip – when you don’t have rice flour – you can make your own! Basically just put rice into a blender/ninja and whala! Per all the info on the internet, rice has no gluten, so you need to be careful when substituting!


Great and delicious!

Definitely chop everything small!

If you give this recipe a try, let me and Misfit Markets know what you think!