Cranberry Oat Puppy Cakes

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It is that time of the year! Paco’s birthday! (and winston in heaven) He’s 13 this year, way to go good boyo!

Each year he gets puppy cakes for his birthday! I decided on a version of the cranberry oat puppy cakes. I didn’t have any apple sauce and early on learned that a full recipe of any puppy cake recipe, at the mini muffin size makes waaaay to much! I’m sure paco is like – is there really too much puppy cake?

Cranberry oat puppy cakes

So I adapted it a bit – used half and half that was just in the fridge, chopped the cranberries, used a full egg. He seems to approve!


Each year paco is reminded of what happy birthday and puppy cake means! This year is not exception!

We enjoys trying to eat them like an anaconda, he also knows the word – CHEW – but pretends like he doesn’t!

These are fun and easy to make for the fur baby in your life!

Keep them in the fridge!

Original version of the recipe that everything was adapted from!

If you make these, let me know what your pup thinks and if you try any other flavors!