Pumpkin, apple butter, mint dog treats

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Monday is the boys, Paco’s forever home day! Gotcha day, saved me day, whatever you choose to call it. I make them him treats on his birthday and this day each year!

Paco – our first meeting

I try to pick something new, as there are many recipes in the list and it’s hard to branch out some times! This year it was a recipe that called for shredded apple, fresh mint and fresh parsley. Well, I had apple butter in the freezer, frozen pumpkin and fresh mint, so that would have to be the option! I added spent grain too. Original recipe is here!

Paco saying hello
Paco checking on my workout


Paco enjoyed them, and would run to his bed to eat them – i made them bigger than his normal mini cookie cutter size!


Paco and his brother were brought home together 12 years ago… sadly Winston crossed the rainbow bridge earlier than I would liked in 2021. This will always be his forever home day as well!

Still adorable (even when they are bad!)