Chicken Surprise

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This specialty was something mom always made. She did it with 6 chicken breasts, a can of mushroom soup, and a box of stuffing and cheese.

Over the years, hubby and i discovered he doesn’t like chicken breasts as is, we pound them flat or make them into chunks or slices. I haven’t made this recipe in probably 10 years, but we had left over stuffing from thanksgiving and pounded chicken in the freezer. So I decided it was time to give it an updated try! The other thing I realized was that not using cream of mushroom soup (hubby doesn’t like mushrooms and somehow he still finds the tiny ones in the canned soup – lord knows how….) is a mistake. Cream of chicken soup is not the same and the color is just bizarre.

This version of the recipe feeds 4, 1/2 a breast for each person.


This is a definite comfort food for me. Make it on a cold day, enjoy the combination of the creamy soup, stuffing, chicken and gooie cheese.

If you make it, or have your own specialty please let me know.