Spam Musubi

Spam Musubi
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This is one of my MOST favorite foods. A friend introduced me to it southern california. L&L was one of my favorite placed to stop into to snag one. I have been known to drive 30 minutes to get one at the closest L&L in Colorado!

One day hubby and I tried to figure out how to make it! We got the musubi squisher, the seaweed (nori) and special rice.

I did a ton of research, read so many recipes, condensed all the ones down and over the years have updated our process and our favorites! So many options – full sheet around the rice and spam, partial, marinate, simmer..

Here is what we ended up with and i’ll make it on special occasions – they aren’t healthy! Especially not with how many we eat! hahah!

Verdict: As mentioned we love this version! The togarashi and srirachi in the rice give it a great pop!

I will also brush a touch of the marinade on the rice before i put the spam on, and use that liquid to seal the seaweed.

Slice for ease of eating and sharing!