“Grandma’s” Potato Salad

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We decided to try and grow potatoes this year. We found a “box” at lowe’s and decided, why not…

Generally we try to stay away from “white food” but since we weren’t sure it would work and maybe we could store them in the basement for later we decided to try it!

Well, it worked! It was confusing for farmer hubby but it all worked out in the end and he kept coming in the house with bowls of potatoes. Cute, adorable, just the right size for small meals.

I decided to go with the basic potato salad recipe from Better Home’s cookbook that I keep around for the “what is normal”. To my horror there was no recipe in there for potato salad… what??? So to the internet we went.

Since our potatoes were cute and adorable, i decided to cut the recipe down so we were not so enticed to eat. mayonnaise laden white foods! Feel free to double etc.


Such a tummy pleaser! Brings you back to childhood.

I like that you can adjust for the potatoes on hand

If you make this or have your own favorite version, please share!