Wilker Salsa

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Once hubby started growing tomatoes it was a matter of time before there would be too many tomatoes for salads and salsa and tomato sauce became the recipes to perfect! My original was posted here and the one it was based off, was here.

I did some research and tried some different versions and came to something that we really love!

After experimentation it became clear that cumin was indeed the most bestest secret ingredient!


This is my favorite home made salsa. My sister makes it for parties at her house on the east coast!

The red onion adds the punch, 3 cloves is just the right bite, and changing out different flavor salts makes it fun.

I love when we grow all the ingredients to make it! Unfortunately i never seem to have everything fresh from the garden at the same time!

If you try this, let me know what you think and what you tried!